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If we compared our ancestors' eating habits to today's eating habits, it's not surprising to see how obesity rates increased tremendously.

We are living in a world in which eating all the time is the norm. We are waking up and filling up our tank with sugary drinks and bagels. Mid-morning is here, don't forget our easy-to-go snacks such as a protein bar or cookie and eat that on our way to our sedentary jobs. At lunchtime, we are going to a fast-food restaurant because we didn't have the time to prepare our lunch at home. Mid-afternoon is here, and as if we haven't eaten enough already, we also grab another afternoon snack because we are hangry. Dinner came, and so our desire to eat our dinner, we get home, and because we are tired of all the work, we decide to grab the first thing in our fridge, which consists of a microwavable pizza or pasta. Still, we can't forget our light soda because we had enough sugar for a day. It's already 10:00 pm, but we are still awake and craving something sweet, so we go to the kitchen, and we found the last oreo waiting for us. Sounds familiar?

You are not the problem, and you are not alone. We have all been there.

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