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Never give up!

How many times we find ourselves in a situation in which we know it's not working for us, but we continue to do it just because we don't know anything else? If we continue to do the same thing without getting any good results, then what is the point of continue?

I encourage my clients to find another way if something doesn't feel right. I do believe there is always something they can do to fix their problems.

Don't give up because you tried something before, but it didn't make a difference to you. Nutrition is an evolving field. We are always learning new things and new methods, and we have to open our minds to something new now and then. We don't know if something will or will not work unless we try.

Just yesterday, I was consulting one client with type 1 diabetes, she came to me because she was disorganized with her diet, and she was gaining weight. Her A1C is 7.1, and the goal for somebody with diabetes is less than 7. So, in literature, her numbers are not so bad. However, she is continuously having episodes of hypo/hyperglycemia. I told her there are other ways to get her A1C into a healthy range, and we can get there but making changes to her diet.

For people without diabetes, it's hard to understand what A1C translates to, but in other words, your A1C is the average blood glucose level in your blood from the past three months. For somebody with type 1 diabetes, having episodes of hypo/hyperglycemia could be life threaning.

Research suggests that following a diet low carbohydrate and high fat could help regulate blood sugar and prevent those episodes. For many years, we believed that fat was our enemy, and we blamed fat for everything (weight gain, high cholesterol, high triglycerides,...), but the truth is that fat is an essential nutrient in our life.

I read an analogy from Dr. Bernstein, and he explained it so nicely that I think it's important to share it. He said, "thinking that if you are eating fat will make you fat is like thinking if you eat tomatoes, you will turn red."

Following a high fat/low carbohydrate diet may not be the option for everyone. Still, it's essential to get an individualized consultation to determine if it's the best option for you. I don't believe that there is one diet that fits everyone, so do not try to compare yourself to anyone and be open to something new.

If something doesn't work, do not give up, instead find ways to make it work.
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