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Trying to lose weight?

Are you trying to lose weight, but you don't know where to start? I don't blame you. There is a lot of information about nutrition online, and it's hard to know what's important anymore.⁣

Obesity is a complex disease.

It affects many parts of your body. For this reason, to lose weight and maintain your weight, it is essential to find out the root cause of your problem and fix it. ⁣

Reducing the number of calories (calories IN) and assuming your body will spend the same amount of calories (calories OUT) is a lie! Your body will compensate for any changes you make. Several studies are showing that reducing the number of calories too much will affect many functions of your body, such as hair and nails growth, memory, clarity, and menstruation.⁣

There is no a one-size fit all day.

Every person is unique, and what works for somebody won't necessarily work for you. ⁣

If you are looking for somebody to help you get to your ideal weight, send me a message, I'm here to support you.⁣

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