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COVID-19: Nutri-tips by a Registered Dietitian

Everybody has been directly or indirectly affected by the Coronavirus. These times have been very distressing for many people, and the reality is that they are not over yet, and that is why we must try in the best way to survive this time of quarantine.

I know that now keeping calm with so much news and so much concern is not easy, but the reality is that the energy that we transmit to our body greatly influences our defense mechanism. Stress and fear are proven to affect us a lot, and therefore maintaining a mental calm is essential to be healthy. ⁣

I am honestly not an expert in the Coronavirus, and I am not the right person to advise on how to avoid infections or anything like that. If you want to look for information on this subject, my recommendation is always to talk to your doctor. ⁣

My suggestion to you is this: if there is something you are doing that helps you reduce your risks, now is not the time to stop it. Remember, many of the people who have been affected by the virus have another disease that makes them more prone to get severe complications, and it will always be favorable if you do things that help you reduce your chances. ⁣

Healthy eating: being locked up is not an excuse to lose the floor with your diet and neglect everything you have managed to achieve in recent months. This time is not a vacation, and the reality is that we do not know how long we will be in quarantine, so changing your eating routine a lot can affect you more than you think. In times of stress, the body will always have a preference for things that are not necessarily good for you, such as sugar and processed foods. Try to limit your consumption of processed foods during this time is best. Take advantage of this time to experiment in the kitchen and see what healthy recipes you can try.

Intermittent fasting: People who follow intermittent fasting have no reason to discontinue their routine. Remember, fasting has many benefits.

Water: drinking plenty of water during these times is highly recommended. Water helps cleanse your body. ⁣

Exercise: I understand that during the quarantine, there are many closed places, which makes it more difficult to exercise in a gym or parks. But don't use that as an excuse not to stay active. Remember, there are many exercises you can do at home. ⁣

Sleep: Although many people can have insomnia due to the concern of everything in this situation, it is recommended that you try to maintain a sleep routine. Getting enough hours of sleep is optimal to feel healthy. Right now, it is the time to rest if you are tired. ⁣

And now, can you tell me what else you are doing to stay healthy and be able to cope with this quarantine?

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